Emotion is what makes us human.
Effective advertising taps into that power.

The spot above highlighted a critical issue in the race for Iowa’s first congressional district: protecting Iowan’s preexisting condition healthcare coverage.

We were hired by the United Association to go in late to help Abby Finkenauer win the seat.  Congressman Rod Blum had voted 10 times to gut protections for preexisting conditions and our mission was to deliver that message in a new way that could connect emotionally with the electorate.

In a sea of fast-moving pictures and ominous voices in political advertising we found a simple message – tied to a new way of thinking about the issue – was enough to cut through the clutter and help elect Abby Finkenauer to Congress.

Stockard Channing provided the incredible understated voice-over performance.


“This ad is going up in Wisconsin. It is quite something. Watch it.” – Rachel Maddow

In  Governor Tony Evers re-election campaign, we needed to define our opponent Tim Michels’ position on abortion. In October, a decades-old audio interview of Michels surfaced where he stated that the state government should mandate rape victims deliver the baby – even if they are as young as 12 years old. The objective of this ad is to show voters exactly what that would mean; show voters what 12 year old girls look like; show voters the innocence of a 12-year old girl (jumping rope); and force them to think about that position in relation to their vote on Election Day.

This ad did a miraculous job of both persuading voters we needed to win and motivating the base to go vote. It was a critical communication in the closing weeks to Evers’ victory

One Wisconsin reporter summed up the headwinds we faced in Wisconsin in re-electing Governor Tony Evers stating, ” The governor didn’t just win reelection, he defied history. The first candidate in 32 years to win the governor’s office when his party was in power in the White House. The first Dem to do that in 60 years. The first Dem to ever win a governor’s race while his party’s nominee lost the U.S. Senate campaign.”

Read more about Evers’ stunning 2022 re-election victory here – and watch the “12” ad in full frame.


Campaigns must connect in a human way as people vote from their gut.

Love hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, grief are the emotions that move us and make us feel alive. And the best political advertising touches a voter in a personal way.

These spots made a difference because they made people feel.

The spot above for Georgia Governor Roy Barnes used imagery to make a powerful point. The subtly and simplicity of the spot separates it from rote political ads.

The panic button hangs from the ignition.

The phone reads 911.

The milk represents blood.

The viewers were left with their thoughts as the spot was allowed to ring out for seven seconds – powerfully – simply.