Precision Targeting

Today’s technology allows campaigns to target voters in ways that seemed unimaginable even 5 years ago.


The debate over TV vs Digital vs Mail vs Radio is over.

The answer is all of the above.

Successful persuasion campaigns for candidates and public affairs battles utilizes ALL the layers of communications.  That’s because we live in a world where voters receive their information from many, many different places. You need to have the right paid media mix  in order to win.

At Strother Nuckels Strategies we are lucky enough to have been a part of media campaigns with robust research budgets (and a desire to test the latest technology) in order to measure the effectiveness of the various layers of paid communications and how they work together best.  Below is an overview of some of those new precision targeting methods.

Utilizing Voter-File-Matched Data to Guide Your TV Buy
One of the biggest advancements in TV targeting is the availability of set-top box data. You can now match a voter file against actual set top box data. This allows you to determine who is watching what, when they’re watching, and how to most effectively put ads in front of their eyeballs. This is very different than the previous survey-driven ratings systems in that this data shows you actual viewing behavior as opposed to self-reported survey data that’s much less accurate.

Working with the nation’s top cable providers, we have been at the forefront in utilizing new television data analysis to best determine how to reach a campaign’s targeted voters.

Better Cable Targeting
For cable television, the micro-zones we can target have become smaller and smaller. Smaller cable micro-zones allow us to target smaller pockets of voters and focus your budget to the zones (and voters) that are the most important. And, in some selected areas, cable providers offer “addressable” cable meaning the ability to voter-file target the voters you want to reach.

Voter-file-Matched Satellite Targeting
For satellite, we can match your voter file targets to satellite subscribers for direct hits to specific voters (think direct mail for TV). This technology has continued to get better and better every cycle.  Buying voter-file targeted satellite doesn’t work like traditional television.  For TV, as noted above, you’re utilizing the data and viewing patterns to determine the best spots to put your content to most likely get your ads in front of targeted voters.  However, for satellite, it doesn’t mater what your targets are watching… you are delivering a set number of ads (whatever frequency you purchase) that run when your targeted voters turn on the television. So it doesn’t matter if your targeted voters are watching Mr. Ed re-runs or if they’re watching the MLB playoffs – your targets will be delivered your advertising.   Last cycle we used addressable (voter-file-matched) satellite very effectively in races across the country.

Voter-File Targeted Digital and Social Advertising
Winning campaigns utilize the latest in digital and social media targeting as a part of their overall persuasion programs. Period. Long gone are the days of running 1000 points of broadcast television and calling it a day. Today’s media environment is highly fractured and voters get their information in very different places.

That’s why a robust digital and social media buy is absolutely essential in order to deliver your message.  That includes running custom video, display, programmatic digital audio, and longer-form native sponsored content.

We utilize the latest in modeling, voter data, and technology to reach voters on whatever screen they’re looking at…  Our access to models such as the “low TV watchers” and the “low mail readership” help us to create a layered persuasion advertising program that ensures your targeted voters receive your message.


When all these elements sing together it creates a powerful “surround sound” that is inescapable for voters.