Rock the Vote


“He votes. Do you?”

Our firm has worked with iconic voter registration outfits to persuade and motivate younger voters.  This series of spots for Rock the Vote received national attention.  Our goal – as defined by research – was to anger younger voters into registering to vote.

Our research proved the spots worked.

“It’s a bold pitch…”

The Washington Post on the Rock the Vote ad campaign

The Rock the Vote spots were created to motivate younger voters to register and vote.
We funded academic research using pupil dilation and eye tracking following the ads running to determine effectiveness (you can read that research here by clicking this link).

State-of-the art research indicated we nailed the concept as pupils enlarged in the advanced ad testing and millennial voters wrote in angry terms when presented a survey of the spots.

Our research indicated that if we challenged them to the point of being insulting they would act.

“Each ad feels a bit like a dare—challenging young people to vote by presenting characters that would make a Birkenstock-clad millennial flip their wig”

Time Magazine on the Rock the Vote ad campaign