Public Affairs Strategies

“Strother Nuckels Strategies Tugs At Heartstrings for Airbnb”
– Adweek’s AgencySpy, Sep. 20, 2016

We have been a trusted resource when it comes to winning public affairs battles for sharing economy giants.

Whether it’s a city ordinance or public debate on an issue, winning public affairs battles requires strategic planning, sophisticated targeting, and the ability to be nimble in your communications.

But above targeting, you must have a compelling message and a story to tell.  Stories are what connect voters to issues, causes, candidates, and corporations.

Good storytelling is a must for any winning campaign.

For Airbnb we needed to give viewers a different way to think about the company through the eyes – and stories – of local Airbnb hosts.

Winner of “2017 Best Public Affairs Campaign in the Nation” by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC)

“New Orleans, nicknamed The Big Easy, has achieved something very hard — it managed to nail down a few rules for the sharing economy… this is no meager feat…” ” – New York Times, December 8, 2016

Airbnb Radio, “Seattle Voices”
In this radio spot we utilized new methods to capture real Airbnb hosts telling their stories why home sharing was important to them.  These unscripted stories can cut through the clutter of typical radio ads and deliver a powerful message.  Listen below.