Joe Biden for President (IE)

Helping to elect America’s President

In 2020 we were hired by the United Association to help elect Joe Biden in three battleground states: Pennsylvania (above), Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Our task was to produce advertising that helped Biden hold the margins with women who did not attend college. In-depth polling and research revealed these critical voters were sick of Trump’s tweeting and lying and they just “wanted their life back.”  Overall, they agreed with this critical assessment…

“America is not better off today than it was 4 years ago.”

Biden didn’t need to win women without a college degree; He needed to stop Trump from winning them in large numbers and running up the margins.  Exit polling showed that we were successful in helping Biden in PA, WI, and Michigan.

“While a majority of White women without college degrees continued to back Trump, a small percentage moved toward Biden” – Washington Post, 11/6/2020

Wisconsin, “Tammy”

Michigan, “Janette”



Rapid Response in Pennsylvania

Shortly after the Bob Woodward tapes were released we worked with LiUNA  to target Pennsylvania seniors.  The Woodward tapes revealed that Trump knew how deadly the virus was while he was lying and concealing it from the public. It was a highly potent hit we needed to amplify with key voters.


One of the more important ad campaigns the United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters ran was an effort to push back – specifically with their own union members – against Donald Trump’s claims that Joe Biden was planning to ban fracking.  This issue was particularly resonant with the UA’s members in Pennsylvania who literally worked in the field.  We ran targeted campaigns to UA members to make sure they knew the truth about Biden’s position.