“Oscars of Political Advertising” 2021

Every year the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) holds the premier bipartisan awards competition for the political advertising industry: the Pollie Awards. Esquire Magainze dubbed the Pollies, “The Oscars of Political Advertising.” In 2021, Strother Nuckels Strategies won more national Pollie awards (15) than any other political communications firm in America. Watch our award-winning ads below.

Warnock & Ossoff for Senate IE

Our Independent Expenditure advertising  to help elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the U.S. Senate in Georgia won three Pollie awards for Television Best PAC/Super PAC (gold), Best Television Independent Expenditure – U.S. Senate (gold),  Best Digital Use of Negative or Contrast (silver).  We were very proud to have played a part to help win these races that had such dramatic national implications. This ad featured the amazing voice over work of Wendell Pierce.


Abigail Spanberger for Congress IE

Our Independent Expenditure advertising with the United Association to help re-elect Abigail Spanberger to the U.S. Congress won two Pollie Awards for Best Television Independent Expenditure – U.S. House of Representatives (gold) and Best Digital Independent Expenditure – U.S. House of Representatives (silver). This ad featured the incredible voice over talent of Stockard Channing. Click here to read more about our IE efforts to help Spanberger win re-election at this link. 

Mark Kelly for Senate IE

Our Independent Expenditure digital advertising with the United Association helped elect Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate and won a Pollie Award for Best Digital Independent Expenditure – U.S. Senate (bronze). This ad featured the powerful voice over work of JK Simmons.

California’s Yes on Prop 19

We could not be more proud of our work to help win California’s Proposition 19.  Our ad campaign for Prop 19 won five Pollie Awards in the ballot initiative division  for Best Television Campaign, Best in Show, Best Digital Creative Full Set, Best Radio Campaign, and Best Use of Radio. You can read a full case study on the media efforts behind California’s winning Prop 19 by clicking this link or watch our award-winning ads below.


Yes on 19 Radio – California Voices
In the radio ads below for Prop 19 we took telephone interviews with hundreds of voters and edited and compiled their own words into these statewide and regionally targeted ads. These radio spots were produced for each of California’s media markets and geared to reach tax-sensitive voters on talk radio. Examples below…


Yes on 19 Radio – San Diego Voices – Regional



NO on 2A – Pueblo Colorado

Our ad campaign for No on 2A won two Pollie Awards in the local ballot initiative division. We won  for Best local ballot initiative ad for Television (silver) and we partnered with EFFCT to win Best Use of Social Media.

Union Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) Member-to-Member Issue Education Campaign

The UA’s membership education program won the Pollie Award in the Public Affairs and Issue Advocacy Division for Best Digital Campaign for Public Affairs and Issue Advocacy. We worked with the UA to develop videos, native content, and display ads to better inform their union membership about the importance of Project Labor Agreements and prevailing wage laws while warning about laws that hurt the union’s ability to negotiate better wages, benefits, and safety standards.

Below are a few of the issue education spots we produced featuring UA members. You can also click here for a full case study on our member-to-member and issue advocacy work with labor


Wisconsin Conservation Voters

Writing for traditional or digital radio can be more difficult than writing for video.  One must paint a picture with words and hold the attention of the listen.  In some cases radio can be a conversation with the listener – striking a responsive chord – all the while telling a story. This spot for WCV won the “Best Use of Radio for an Independent Expenditure” for helping to win a state representative race in Wisconsin called, “Thirsty?”


If you like these ad you can find out more about the campaigns and watch spots from previous cycles by clicking here.