Abigail Spanberger for Congress (IE)

Dive in deep on a story

Too often political ad makers want to throw 5 or 6 issues into a single ad. They try to say too much and, as a result, end up saying nothing.  Great ads can focus on great stories and great storytelling – simplifying issues and votes for an electorate in a way that is memorable.

In 2020, we were hired by an Independent Expenditure to help re-elect Abigail Spanberger to Congress in Virginia’s 7th district. This district was a swing seat traditionally won by Republicans. To cut through the clutter on the air we needed to tell a powerful story and present a message in a unique way.

Spanberger’s Republican opponent, Nick Freitas, voted to let businesses discriminate and fire expecting mothers for no other reason but their pregnancy. Polling showed this was a devastating hit if done right.

After all the ballots were cast, Spanberger won re-election to Congress with just over 8,000 votes… 50.9%.