Radio advertising can be a very effective tool to reach specific audiences. For example, speaking to farmers during harvest season or African American seniors on gospel radio or the myriad of options in Spanish.

We know to whom we are speaking and we do it effectively and efficiently. Writing for traditional or digital radio can be more difficult than writing for video.  One must paint a picture with words and hold the listeners attention.  In some cases radio can be a conversation with the listener – striking a responsive chord.

Here are but a few of the hundreds of radio spots we’ve created over the years.


Airbnb, “Seattle Hosts”
– Utilizing innovative story capture methodology –


Tony Evers for Governor, “Dairy Farmer Bill”
– rural radio response ad – 


Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters IE Special Election – “Manure” 


Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker, “That’s the Sound”


Airbnb Hawaii, “Homesharing”
– Utilizing mnemonic editing methodology –


Carlos Giménez for Mayor of Miami-Dade County (Español)


John Garamendi for Congress I.E.

Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future, “Warning Light”