Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

We organize our thoughts and the world into stories so we can try and make sense of it all.

We are story tellers.

We take the hard numbers from a poll and meld it with a candidate’s life experience to weave a story that is understandable, moving, and matters to voters.

“There’s manure in the water…”

The environment can play a critical role in defeating candidates by focusing the message on localized and personalized storytelling. Too often we talk about big, global problems and fail to communicate how environmental issues affect people in their daily lives.  That’s what we did in the special election for State Senate in Wisconsin.

Donald Trump won the 1st State Senate district in Wisconsin by 17 points; Scott Walker won the district by 24%. In fact, a Democrat hadn’t held the seat in 33 years.

But the issue of water quality, embedded in a personal story, helped move voters to make a different decision in the special election in 2018.

We utilized personal iPhone video taken by Erika of her own faucet to make this spot feel more real to voters. It worked.  WLCV’s candidate exceeded expectations and won the special election.