Tony Evers for Governor

“…potentially the greatest Democratic victory in the midterms.”

– The Washington Post on Scott Walker’s defeat in the Wisconsin governor’s race.

Storytelling + Innovative Targeting

At Strother Nuckels Strategies we were proud to have served as the media consultant  to Tony Evers’ stunning upset of Scott Walker.

Many things contributed to Tony’s incredible victory. But, from a media perspective, we focused in on good storytelling + cutting-edge targeting in order to cut through the clutter.


Voters understood that Scott Walker was a typical politician.  They knew Walker was too close to the special interests and his donors.  But voters didn’t connect Walker’s political decisions to the negative consequences affecting them and their families.

Our challenge was to connect those dots.

We did so with powerful stories from across the state. Below are a few of those stories:

“Jacque’s Story”

“Bill’s Story”

“Sue’s Story”


“Holy moly, that’s a big one. There will be much joy among Democrats over the Walker defeat”

-Charlie Mahtesian, Senior Politics Editor for POLITICO