Spots from the Archives

Our firm’s DNA runs from Raymond Strother who is one of first ad men to focus solely on political candidates.

We’ve worked for the former giants of the U.S. Senate. A virtual honor roll of leaders like United States Senators Lloyd Bentsen, Russell Long, John Stennis, Max Baucus among many. We bring decades of experience and are very proud of these spots.


 Buddy Roemer for Governor, “Angry”

Texas Democratic Party, “Mailbox”

Bill Richardson for Governor, “His suits don’t fit”

Lloyd Bentsen for U.S. Senate, “Bus to Olney”

Dennis DeConcini, “Arizona”


Roy Barnes for Governor, “Prison”

Blanche Lincoln for U.S. Senate, “Simple”


Mary Landrieu for U.S. Senate, “New Beginnings”