Georgia Independent Expenditure (UA)

“Democrats win control of US Senate as Ossoff defeats Perdue” – Washington Post

The Georgia runoff campaigns were always going to be extremely difficult and the pressure was only increased following the General Election where control of the Senate all came down to these two U.S. Senate seats.There was incredible work taking place on behalf of Ossoff and Warnock to best position their historic turnout operations and ground game by organizers, volunteers, canvassers, and tireless advocacy groups.

Our role on the Independent Expenditure (IE) side was to help define the race early by positioning Perdue and Loeffler as corrupt, insider-trading politicians who were getting rich off the pandemic while regular Georgians were suffering.

We did this through storytelling that cut through the clutter on television. The quiet strength of this spot made it stand out in a sea of fast moving, loud, in-your-face style ads that were everywhere.