“Oscars of Political Advertising” Winners of 2024

In 2024, our firm won more Pollie Awards (17) than any other political firm in America for our excellence in TV, digital, and radio advertising and voter targeting.  This is the second time in the last three years we’ve accomplished this feat. Below are some of the award-winning ads.

🏆 SNS Pollie Awards for Janet Protasiewicz for Supreme Court 
Overall Candidate – Best Television Campaign, Overall Candidate – Best Digital Campaign (gold), Overall Misc – Best Use of Data Analytics/Machine Learning, Overall Candidate – Best Radio Campaign, Overall Candidate – Best in Show, Best Down Ballot Statewide TV, Best Use of Humor TV (gold), Best Use of Negative of Contrast TV, Best Bilingual or Foreign Language Radio Ad, Best Statewide Candidate Radio Ad, Best use of Humor Radio (gold), Best Use of Negative or Contrast Radio, Best Digital for Down-Ballot Statewide (gold), Best Use of Humor for Digital, Best Use of Negative or Contrast Digital.

🏆 SNS Pollie Awards for Connie Boesen for Mayor of Des Moines
Best Use of Digital Audio (gold), Best use of Generative A.I. (gold)

Judge Janet’s name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue easily so in the primary we wanted to familiarize voters with her name but also give them permission to badly mispronounce it.

“One ad for Protasiewicz featuring a young woman learning her baby would have severe abnormalities captures the emotion driving the race”
– The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, 3/23/2023

Radio – Janet for Justice, “Clayton”

Radio – Janet for Justice, “Woah!”

Radio – Janet for Justice, “Who”

Radio – Janet for Justice, “Corte Suprema” Spanish-Language

Radio – Connie Boesen for Mayor, Best Use of Digital Audio + Best Use of Generative A.I.