15-Second Advertising

15 seconds is a lot of time if you don’t try to do too much

If done right, 15-second ads can deliver a powerful punch to help boost name ID while delivering a simple concept or message.  Often in down ballot races 15-second ads can be a powerful tool in your arsenal to make your media budget go twice as far (they’re half the price of 30-second ads).

If you can’t deliver a message in 15 seconds you need a tighter message.

The key to effective 15-second advertising is to not try to force the ads to deliver 30 seconds worth of material.  The concept and message must be incredibly simple.  If you do that, 15’s can move numbers and help you win.

“Torrez wins Democratic BernCo. DA primary by landslide” – KOB4 news, 6/7/2016

We recently helped Raúl Torrez win a hotly contested primary for Bernalillo County District Attorney in New Mexico.  Given an expected expanded electorate, we needed to get Raúl’s ads in front of as many eyes as possible.

We utilized 15-second advertising to boost Torrez’s name ID and helped him coast to a 67-33 victory over his Primary opponent.

Torrez beat his Primary opponent so bady that the Republican facing him in the General Election dropped out.

The Torrez spots were intentionally kept very simple so as to not distract the viewer from what he was saying and to help the ads cut through the clutter.

It worked and Torrez won.