Humor takes the sting out of…well…the sting. And while political and advocacy ads were once heralded for taking down opponents with a chainsaw, today humor is often much more powerful and moving.

“A lot of people are shooting at me…”

In the ad below Governor Barnes was being attacked by so many entities it was impossible to respond to every charge. So we bundled all the opponents into one unseemly package and answered en masse. Governor Barnes was known to raise cattle so a few “moos” helped…


A Republican multi-millionaire seeking government handouts

There’s nothing that gets a voter’s blood boiling like a politician’s hypocrisy.  In this case, we pointed out a *minor* detail Senator Duey Strobel leaves out when talking about ending government subsidies.



“His suits don’t fit…”

Governor Bill Richardson was a brilliant but somewhat frumpy chief executive. His shirt tails famously hung out and often the suit jacket wouldn’t button. He LOVED the last line of this spot.



“They can’t even kick the can down the road…”

A little humor helped create this memorable ad for Preston Brittain on the key issue of the election – the I-73.