Campaign’s must connect in a human way as people vote from their gut.

Love hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, grief are the emotions that move us and make us feel alive. And the best political advertising touches a voter in a personal way.

These spots made a difference because they made people feel.

The spot above for Georgia Governor Roy Barnes used imagery to make a powerful point. The subtly and simplicity of the spot separates it from rote political ads.

The panic button hangs from the ignition.

The phone reads 911.

The milk represents blood.

The viewers were left with their thoughts as the spot was allowed to ring out for seven seconds – powerfully – simply.


 “Oklahoma women make only 76 cents for every dollar a man makes”

This spot below  for equal pay for equal work premiered four years before the issue rose to the top of the nation’s conscience.

This spot is a Mom and her kids against the world.

We used 50 words instead of the normal 75 to create a sense of loneliness.

The line “it’s not about ego it’s about eating” became a coined phrase in Oklahoma.